December 22, 2023

Beyond Diamonds: 4 Reasons for Choosing Tanzanite Jewelry

Photo by Sabrianna from Unsplash

A tanzanite engagement ring or any exquisite piece featuring the gemstone could just be the something blue on your wedding day. Well, a day wearing fine jewelry is always special.

Tanzanite, a rare gem, is spectacular with diamonds or alone. The rich blue gemstone, which can also come in purple and violet hues, is also celebrated for its beauty.

This combined beauty and rarity is one reason for the gemstone’s appeal among jewelry lovers and enthusiasts. Here are four more reasons to consider beautiful tanzanite earrings, rings, and other fine pieces of jewelry for your personal collection.

Let’s cut to the chase and weigh the merits of tanzanite as a serious contender to the universally loved diamonds.

It Stands Out

A blue tanzanite solitaire ring stands out in a sea of white diamond engagement rings. Marketing aside, diamonds have their sparkle and brilliance that draw people to them. Those qualities don’t take the shine of tanzanite that can add a pop of dazzling color to any attire and occasion.


That feeling of exclusivity you can derive from owning something tanzanite also has to do with its limited supply. This 2013 article noted that the available supply could run out in the next 25 years. Unlike diamonds that can be grown in laboratories, tanzanite is only mined in Tanzania’s Merelani Hills.

It Can Be an Ethical Choice

The growing preference for ethically sourced and produced jewelry, whether it’s tanzanite or not, is becoming more than just a quality—it’s a standard. According to De Beers’s 2022 Diamond Insight Report, 36% of women included ethics and sustainability as important factors when shopping for diamond jewelry.

You can check with the brand or retailer about your tanzanite jewelry, which can come with a certification. Given that there’s only one source of tanzanite in the world, tracing its origin is relatively easier. This company, for one, is the biggest source of rough tanzanite in the market.

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

It’s More Affordable Than Diamonds

Generally speaking, you’ll be spending less on tanzanite than on a diamond, whose colored, rarer variations can command even higher prices.

The same 2013 article mentioned earlier noted that tanzanite sells at lower prices than diamonds and placed the per-carat price of tanzanite in the range of $300 to $600. Today’s figures would have likely changed.

You can refer to these general 4Cs guidelines in determining the value of tanzanite:

Color Cut Carat Clarity
Tanzanite that is predominantly blue is rarer than one that is violet. Related to the point above, the cut is responsible for displaying the face-up color of the stone. Stones that are over five carats tend to have deeper colors. Less visible inclusions and imperfections make tanzanite clearer and more valuable.

It Can Be an Heirloom

A tanzanite engagement ring would be lovely to keep in the family for years to come. As for its resale value, remember the 4Cs, along with craftsmanship and supply and demand for tanzanite. Best to store your tanzanite jewelry in its own pouch or box when not in use. Check on it periodically and clean with warm, soapy water.


Wearing tanzanite jewelry every day entails more care and caution. The gemstone’s ranking is 6 or 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness or the property of a mineral being resistant to scratching. (For reference, a diamond ranks 10 on the same scale.) The type of jewelry (e.g., bracelet, pendant, earring) and its setting in securing the stone would also matter.

It Is Crystal Clear

What you have in your hand is tanzanite, which is truly rare and precious. It has a charm of its own that makes it a standout. Tanzanite is also generally more affordable than diamonds, can be ethically sourced, and for posterity and sustainability sake, is worthy to be included in the family’s treasure box.


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