June 2, 2020

Top 6 Decor Tips for Mindfulness and Zen

Decor Tips for Mindfulness

Our home is our safe space. Not only should it be our physical shelter, but it should be a place we can mentally wind down as well. Decorating and maintaining a safe physical space can be internalized to promote a sense of calmness and relaxation. Here are some things to try to keep your home a place of peace. Read about these decor tips for mindfulness.

1. Choose Simple

Too many complex decorations can make our space look and feel cluttered. Choose simple designs over intricate ones in general. If you do have a few intricately designed décor pieces, like embroidery or a carved wooden table, make sure to balance it out with solid colors, such as a solid color couch, throw pillows, or frames.

2. Choose Natural Tones

White, woody browns, light greys, beige, even leafy greens can make a place feel warm and grounded. Connecting our inside environment to nature can encourage a feeling of centeredness. Trade your brightly colored décor with neutral and earthy colors to bring the calmness of nature into your homes. For example, pair a light beige couch with one or two white throw pillows and a white coffee table.

3. Plants or Water

Bringing in potted plants or the sound of running water into your living space is another way to connect to nature indoors. Plants can bring a sense of calmness and peace. There are even some indoor plants that have shown to reduce anxiety.

To bring the sound of water into your home, consider an indoor fountain. You may even a small aquarium if you wouldn’t mind having some fish. The coolness of the sound of running water is de-stressing and relaxing and watching peaceful fish can also be calming.

4. Reduce Clutter

Clutter is externalized mental stress. When our surroundings are cluttered and messy, it can be hard to focus and concentrate on tasks that are important to you. When we pile up clutter, it can also mean we have a hard time prioritizing ourselves and our internal environment as well. Take the time to declutter your home as a way to show yourself the love and self care you deserve. I personally find this cabinet very useful for organizing my clutter.

5. Pictures of Nature

When it comes to wall décor, if you chose to hang pictures, choose calming landscape scenes over cityscapes or objects. Choose calming color tones and natural tones over bright and intense colors. Pictures of oceans, forests, mountains, with colors of light blue, green, and grey, can be very soothing to our eyes. This can also be another way to bring our connection with nature inside our homes.

6. Center your décor

Even though there can be fashionable décor that feature off center artwork, chose centered pieces instead. Use odd numbered pieces to center pieces. For example, if you chose to hang mirrors, hang three mirrors so that there one mirror is centered between the two.

Though our lives can be busy and stressful, we can prioritize our homes as a place of mental safety and calmness. With these simple décor steps, you can achieve a zen home environment that makes you feel centered and relaxed. Read more articles like this on Kefi Mind. Check out our Facebook and Twitter.

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