March 19, 2023

You Have the Right to Be Free From in the Workplace When Exercising Safety and Health Rights

You have the right to be free from in the workplace when exercising safety and health rights.

Unless you have special permission, you may not be fired, demoted or transferred for exercising your safety and health rights. This includes raising a concern about a hazard, reporting a work-related injury or illness or complaining to your employer, OSHA or the state Labor Commissioner (Federal employees have 30 days to report retaliation).

Your employers must inform you of safety hazards in your work area and provide training on these and other health and safety standards that are required by law. They must also keep accurate records of injuries and illnesses.

You must also receive information on chemicals used in your work area and on tests your employer has done to measure chemical, noise and radiation levels. They must also provide you with personal protective equipment to wear when working with hazardous substances.

Request an OSHA inspection if you think your workplace has unsafe conditions or violates OSHA standards. You can do this confidentially and in person with OSHA or by phone, fax or mail.

Make suggestions to your employer or your workplace's safety committee on ways to improve safety in your work area. Your employer must respond to your requests and, if they agree, take action on your behalf.

Refuse to do work that puts you in danger of serious harm. You must do this in good faith, even if the hazard is not found.


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