January 30, 2024

Yogic Meaning - The Path of Awakening

yogic meaning

Yogic practice refers to an ancient spiritual and meditative practice which seeks to awaken us to our eternal selves that lie beyond physical form. Yogic meditation involves postures, breath work, chanting and relaxation techniques as part of an ancient practice now practiced widely across studios, gyms, retreats and retreats worldwide - offering more peaceful, balanced and healthy living environments.

Yoga has a rich history that spans various Indian philosophical and religious traditions. Perhaps the best-known definition of yoga comes from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras from the first centuries CE.

Yoga Sutras define yoga as the union or "yoking" of individual self and universal self, beginning with ethics principles such as abstaining from violence and dishonesty while controlling materialism appetites. Once this connection is formed, pranayama and asana practice become essential disciplines that help both body and mind gain stability and one-pointed concentration, leading to meditation or absorption into ultimate consciousness dhyana and samadhi are then final steps toward yoga blissfulness.

Yoga practiced correctly can help us discover who we are and who God is; once this knowledge has been gained, the yogi will want to share this with others and share their own understanding with them.


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