January 23, 2024

Yoga Words You'll Hear in Class

yoga words

No matter your level, hearing yoga jargon in class can be confusing and intimidating. Luckily, most classes are led by instructors who use both Sanskrit and English to guide participants through poses. Learning this "language" of yogis will help you relax more in class while simultaneously getting to know yourself better through better understanding your body and breathing patterns.

There are certain words you'll hear frequently during yoga classes that stem from Indian culture and philosophy, such as:

Prana (pronounced pr-nah): Our vital life force or energy that exists within all of us. Yoga helps increase and extend this energy source within us; doing so can increase and extend it, ultimately improving physical health, mental wellbeing and emotional resilience.

Shanti: Shanti is the traditional yogic greeting that means peace. At the end of class, your instructor may ask you to press your hands together in front of your face and bow towards them as a show of respect and gratitude for them and for the experience gained during class.

Chaturanga (chat-uh-rang-uh): Chaturanga is an iconic pose in yoga that combines plank and downward dog. As one of its foundational poses, this pose presents unique difficulties and challenges to beginners.

Manomaya Kosha: This sheath or layer is the third one, known as Manomaya Kosha in Indian medicine, which represents our mental realm and handles emotions, creativity and intuition.


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