March 29, 2024

Yoga Words For Beginners

yoga words

Yoga is an ancient yet contemporary discipline. It encompasses physical postures, breath work, meditation, philosophy and more - and all are interrelated with one another. Therefore, its many aspects - physical postures, breath work, meditation and philosophy - may seem foreign or confusing for a beginner yogi; to avoid becoming lost when speaking to instructors about engaging Mula Bandha or lifting and spreading out your sit bones during Tree Pose (Vrksasana), it may be useful to familiarise yourself with basic glossaries of most common yoga words before entering their first class - that way everyone speaks on equal terms when talking to instructors who tell you to engage Mula Bandha or spread and lift them while in class!

Yoga: Yoga derives its name from its Sanskrit root "yuj", meaning to join or unify; it refers to a practice which unites opposing forces such as body and mind, including movements, breath work and meditation designed to promote health living.

Pranayama: Breath work designed to ease tension and calm the mind is an integral component of yoga practice and should be practiced both before and during classes. A popular pranayama called Ujjayi, or hissing breath or ocean breath, involves fully expanding one's lungs while breathing through your chest - an effective strategy used in many challenging poses.

Drishti: Drishti (the point of focus) can be used to aid balance when standing poses such as tree pose are performed; by placing one's gaze onto an exact spot in the room. Drishti forms part of yoga's fifth limb for sense withdrawal and concentration, with it believed that where attention goes energy flows freely.


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