March 22, 2024

Yoga Words and Phrases From the Sanskrit Language

Have you taken yoga classes or followed along online, and encountered unfamiliar words and phrases that seem unfamiliar? Perhaps your instructor told you to "engage your Mula Bandha" or to "lift and spread your sit bones." These terms originate in Sanskrit - an ancient Indian language dating back thousands of years!

Sanskrit is one of the world's oldest languages and its roots can be found deep within Hinduism, Yoga and Indian culture as a whole. Yoga itself comes from Sanskrit root yuj (pronounced oo-joo), meaning union or fusion between breath, body and mind.

Bhakti Yoga, or devotion to one deity, is said to lead us toward moksha or liberation. Through its channel brahma nadi flows prana or life force energy within our bodies, which in turn leads to self-realization.

Pranayama (pronounced pr-nuh-ya-muh) is an ancient Hindu practice which uses poses and movements to regulate breath flow, thus altering energy circulation throughout the body. Pranayama refers to five chakras in Hindu tradition: from Muladhara at the base of spine through solar Plexus Manipura Manipura Manipura Vishuddha Vishuddha to Sahasrara Crown Chakra

Ahimsa (pronounced Ah-him-suh) is one of the principles of yoga which translates into nonviolence or compassion. By practising ahimsa we can increase awareness of our actions as well as deepen our connection to yoga's philosophy.


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