March 30, 2024

Yoga Posture - Warrior Pose

warrior pose

Warrior pose is an essential yoga pose that strengthens and fortifies legs, hips, lower back, shoulders and balance as well as focus and stamina. Its name, Virabhadrasana, honours Arjuna from one of the most influential Hindu texts about yoga known as Bhagavad Gita who battled self-ignorance - something all yogis aim to overcome through their practice.

This wide stance pose is designed to open and stretch hip flexors, inner thighs and ankle of bent leg while strengthening outer thigh and calf muscles. In addition, it stretches and strengthens chest, shoulder girdle, neck area as well as developing balanced gazing or "drishti", which strengthens proprioceptive system that enhances balance and coordination.

An Asana Practice Three Times Each Week Can Increase Strength

Before beginning this asana, to ensure safe and effective practice, make sure your body has been sufficiently warmed up by performing several rounds of Sun Salutations or some similar exercise. This will prepare the body for the intense stretching and weight bearing of this pose; avoid this posture if you suffer from high blood pressure or any injuries in your knees, hips, or back; instead try some less strenuous variations such as placing hands on waist or bending back leg to ease tension in knees and back.


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