February 8, 2024

Yoga and Tantra Yoga

Tantra means to "weave," and tantrik spiritual practice weaves all aspects of your life together into an integrated whole. Tantra also refers to specific spiritual texts.

Modern society often associates tantra with sexual pleasure. There is one branch of Tantra which does emphasize sexual energy; however, this only represents one facet of its rich spiritual tradition.

Yoga, including pranayama and asana, is an integral component of tantric tradition; however, not all forms of yoga constitute tantra yoga. Tantra emphasizes how your body and mind serve as portals into greater realities where power, synergy, clarity and confidence can be developed. When taught alongside elements of tantra--such as sequencing postures to achieve an energetic outcome instead of physical form--this may become evident during classes that incorporate tantric elements.

Tantra provides a deeper exploration of chakras and nadis (energy pathways). We incorporate Tantra elements in My Vinyasa Practice classes for this reason. Tantra emphasizes divinity of body healing itself - something which can be deeply empowering not only within yoga asana practice, but life overall. By including Tantra principles into your yoga practice you will open yourself up more fully while strengthening the spirit.


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