October 25, 2022

Yerba Santa Sage Benefits: Sweet Healing

Introduction: Yerba Santa Sage Benefits

Yerba Santa Sage Benefits: Sweet Healing

What is Yerba Santa Sage? Yerba Santa Sage is an indigenous shrub. It is found in Northern Mexico. As well as dry, hilly areas in California. Both northern and southern California. As well as the coastal areas. It has been around for thousands of years. Furthermore, the main use of Yerba Santa is as an incense. It is also used for smudging in sage. The scent is a sweet. It fills your room peacefully. It is also used for other purposes. Such as healing and purification. To find clarity and purpose. For connecting with a passed loved one. And also a mood booster. As well as medicinally. Keep reading to hear all of the Yerba Santa Sage Benefits

Yerba Santa Sage Benefits



A common way to use Yerba Santa Sage is for smudging. Smudging is the act of cleansing a room or space. Typically with a sage wand. Yerba is a very popular herb. It is used for protection. The main reason people decide to smudge, is because they yearn for a sense of protection. Mentally, or physically. People also use the herb in jewelry. Like amulets. Or even earrings. This is so they can wear it all day. And feel protected wherever they go. Furthermore, it can be a pretty stylish accessory. 


Energy Boost

There are other reasons that people choose this herb. As mentioned earlier, the smell is incredibly sweet. This gentle aroma may relieve stress. Or anxiety. It’s a great way to boost your mood in a more positive way. You don’t need to smudge to enjoy this benefit. Just smelling it alone will positively affect you. Light some Yerba Santa incense in your bedroom or office while you work or rest. Let the sweet aroma work away while you do.


Smudging With Yerba Santa Sage:

I’ve mentioned smudging multiple times. But what exactly is smudging? Smudging is not only used for spiritual practices. In some parts of the world, medicinal as well. The process of smudging involves burning a herb, sage, or other resins. The smoke that releases will purify, cleanse, and heal the space around you. In most cases, smudging is used to ward off negativity. Whether negative spirits or emotions. Many people that use it for this reasoning, typically smudge when moving into a new house. Or feel negativity in their current house. The act of smudging has been around for thousands of years. It has also been used for healing. Physically and or mentally. To learn more about how to smudge, click here.


Connecting With Past Loved Ones

If you are looking into using Yerba Santa Sage, then I’m assuming that you have a spiritual interest. Another way that this sage is used is for boosting your spirituality. Or your psychic side. Many times, Yerba is used to help connect you with the spirit world in general. More specifically, your loved ones that have passed on. A way to do this is to take the Yerba leaves and boil them in water. Once the water has cooled, you may sprinkle small amounts onto a picture of them. Or item belonging to your loved one. This act will strengthen your connection to them. Furthermore, you may be able to speak or hear them. Additionally, you are able to feel closer.


Multiple Medical Reasons:

Spirituality aside, many people all over the world use Yerba Santa for medical ailments. For example, the Kawaiisu tribe, native to California, brew it as a tea to treat gonorrhea. The Salinan tribe, who originate in the Central Coast of California, uses it as a salve for the eyes. While the Ohlone tribe, from the Northern California Coast, weave the leaves to make clothing. Like aprons and skirts. Furthermore, Spanish missionaries at the San Antonio Mission also chew or smoke the leaves. This is a method to relieve many ailments. Such as coughs, asthma, and headaches. And also joint pain, and stomach aches. Additionally, they also mash the leaves and rub it directly on their skin. This helps with sore muscles and other skin wounds. Such as cuts or scrapes. And also, skin rashes. Or skin irritants. Like eczema or breakouts. There are so many uses for Yerba Santa Sage. 


Conclusion: Yerba Santa Sage Benefits

There are many benefits to using Yerba Santa Sage. It can be a sage wand. For healing and protection. Or energy boosting. It is also a great energy cleanser. For connecting with passed loved ones.  Additionally, you can also heighten your own spirituality. For smudging. Or just for filling your room with a sweet smell. However, it is also used for treating multiple health issues. Like headaches and joint pain. To stomach aches and asthma. From a simple cough. To a sore throat. You may drink it. Or rub it directly on your skin. For various skin irritants. Likes rashes, or other breakouts. Furthermore, it also works as jewelry. And as clothing. Additionally, it has been used for thousands of years. Perhaps with longevity, there just might be something to it.

Finally, you now know the Yerba Santa Sage Benefits. Also, please check Kefi Mind‘s front page to see other cool articles on health and more.

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