April 17, 2023

Workers Compensation Suspension of Benefits

workers compensation suspension of benefits

If you have been injured on the job and need workers compensation, your employer should continue to pay your medical bills until your doctor says you have fully recovered. But sometimes an employer or insurance carrier will try to suspend your benefits.

Why Your Wage Loss Benefits May Be Suspended

The most common reason for a suspension of your wage loss benefits is that you return to work and are earning more than you were before your injury. The employer may then try to get you to accept a light-duty job that pays less than your pre-injury wages.

Another common reason that workers are suspended is when they refuse an employer's job offer. For example, they may say they have a physical restriction, but the job requires them to travel an unreasonable distance or perform tasks they cannot handle.

Your employer can also attempt to get your wage loss benefits suspended if you are unable to find work in your usual employment area. This is often referred to as the "labor market survey."

Other reasons that your benefits might be suspended are if you refused reasonable medical treatment, or if your employer filed a termination petition.

Whenever you receive a notice or petition that your benefits are being suspended, speak with a lawyer to learn what to do next. Your attorney can fight for your rights and help you get back all of the benefits that you deserve.


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