September 12, 2023

Wild Dagga Smoking Information

Wild dagga is a mild psychoactive plant in the mint family and is often used as a cannabis substitute in countries where cannabis is prohibited. This is due to its similar euphoric effects, although it is much milder than cannabis. In addition, it has healing properties and can be smoked as tea or added to herbal smoking blends. The flowers of the plant are known to induce a mild euphoric effect, improve mental clarity and increase colour perception. If smoked in large enough doses it can also cause mild visual hallucinations.

The leaves and flowers of the lion’s tail plant (Leonotis leonurus) are smoked for their euphoric, calming and energising properties. This is mainly done by tribal healers in Southern Africa, where the leaves and flower petals of the plant are considered to have medicinal value. The herb has been known to relieve headaches, diarrhea and fever. It is also known to relieve insect and snake bites, and has the ability to help with various skin diseases.

It has been found that the lion’s tail plant contains free radical scavenging antioxidants, which can speed up wound healing and boost immune system function. It is also known to contain anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic and antinociceptive properties. It is known to treat respiratory disorders and has a strong anti-bacterial and antifungal action. It can be used for various aches and pains including arthritis, and can be applied to the skin for itching, burns, boils and muscular cramps. The root decoction of the lion’s tail plant is also known to relieve scorpion stings and snakebites.


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