March 19, 2023

Why Would The Health Department Sent Me A Letter?

why would the health department sent me a letter

Why Would The Health Department Sent Me A Letter?

A health department is a governmental body that is responsible for promoting and protecting the health of citizens. They typically focus on food inspections, vaccination programs, free STD and HIV testing, tobacco enforcement and cessation, and medical assistance programs. Depending on their area of responsibility, health departments can be part of the state, county or city government, or they may be self-led.

Sending A Notification Letter For Bloodborne Diseases

Almost every patient notification involves sending a letter to the patients’ healthcare provider and/or other healthcare providers in the area that recommends testing for certain pathogens or diseases that could be transmitted through a health care service or procedure. Using letters allows for consistency in messaging and can quickly reach all patients that are potentially affected. This is particularly helpful in instances when the number of impacted individuals is low, and it is important to assure that the correct tests are being provided for all of them.

The NYC Hospitality Alliance has helped the NYC Health Department make a number of changes to help keep fines down while maintaining a rigorous and effective system of inspections. These include a fine waiver for initial inspections that receive an A upon adjudication, and the establishment of an optional consultative inspection program for non-food safety related violations that allows for a cure period before a fine is levied.


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