August 18, 2023

Why Toenails Grow Upward

When your toenails grow upward, it can be difficult to get them straightened out. They tend to rip more often, and that exposes the area to infection. That is why nail health is so important. Nails can be one of the earliest signs of disease, so paying attention to them is a must.

Most cases of toenails that grow upward occur after an injury or trauma to the nail. A hammer strike, for example, can cause the nail to splinter and curve over time. The result can be an ingrown toenail which pierces the skin of the toe next to it, causing tenderness and redness. Surgical intervention may be necessary for severe or recurrent ingrown toenails.

Curved nails can also be caused by certain systemic conditions. For example, koilonychia or spoon-shaped nails can be a sign of iron deficiency anemia. This is when the blood cells that carry oxygen to the nails are low, which can lead to over exhaustion and a lack of stamina.

Other underlying issues that can affect toenails include onychogryphosis or Ram's horn nails, which are thickened and raised up from the sides of the nail plate. This is a condition known to be a sign of psoriasis or other autoimmune diseases.


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