July 16, 2023

Why Should I Leave One Eye Open When I'm Sleeping?

If you snooze with one eye open, it could cause serious problems. The condition is called nocturnal lagophthalmos, and it can result in dry eyes and other health complications.

If your eyes stay open while you sleep, it can be a sign of underlying health conditions, such as Bell’s palsy or ptosis surgery complications. It can also be a side effect of certain medications. The best way to treat the problem is to talk to a doctor.

A doctor can determine the cause of your problem and help you find a solution. In some cases, if the condition isn’t severe, it may resolve itself. For example, Bell’s palsy often goes away on its own within weeks to a few months. And ptosis surgery side effects usually go away on their own, too.

Other times, the reason you can’t close your eyes while sleeping is because of a parasomnia. Parasomnias are abnormal nighttime behaviors, such as sleepwalking or talking in your sleep. These behaviors are controlled by the opposite hemisphere of your brain, so the eye on the side that is awake will tend to remain open. The Cleveland Clinic explains that these symptoms don’t last long, so the eye will eventually shut.

While you can train yourself to sleep with your eyes open, it’s not recommended. It can lead to dry eyes, irritated eyes, and even permanent vision damage. For this reason, it’s important to see a doctor if you sleep with one eye open regularly.


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