November 18, 2023

Why No Dairy After Tooth Extraction

After tooth extraction, it is vital to stick to a soft food diet and practice diligent oral hygiene. However, one common dietary recommendation many people ignore is avoiding dairy products. While following a dairy-free diet after tooth extraction may cause some discomfort, it is important to understand why this advice is not rooted in strong scientific evidence.

The immediate aftermath of tooth removal leaves the site vulnerable to bacteria and irritation. It is important to avoid foods that can disturb the blood clot or interfere with healing. Dairy can introduce bacteria and irritate the sensitive area, which leads to a painful condition known as dry socket. Cold dairy, such as ice cream or milkshakes, can also cause thermal shock that dislodges the blood clot.

There are a few possible reasons why dentists and oral surgeons advise patients to avoid dairy after tooth extraction. These include:

A tuberculosis infection (specifically unpasteurized raw dairy products).

Reaction to the lactic acid in dairy.

Inflammation and swelling of the gums.

Luckily, there are some dairy-free foods that can be eaten after tooth extraction to support healthy healing and reduce discomfort. In addition to avoiding dairy, it is important to eat soft, high-protein foods that are low in sugar to promote healing and minimize inflammation. Examples of good dairy-free choices include eggs, instant oatmeal, soups, and yogurt.


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