April 16, 2023

Why is My CBD Oil Turning Brown?

why is my cbd oil turning brown

Why is my cbd oil turning brown?

There are a few things that can cause your CBD oil to turn brown or dark. First, it could be because of the quality of the extract & the way it was extracted.

The extraction method, type of hemp and additional ingredients can also have a negative impact on the color of your CBD oil. The process of decarboxylation & refinement typically gives the oil a light golden color, but this can also change depending on the extraction process.

Another reason your CBD oil may be turning brown is because it has gone rancid. This is a sign that it has gone bad and is no longer useful.

If you see a light or dark brown color on your CBD oil it is most likely that it has gone rancid and should be thrown out. It is best to avoid using it if it has gone rancid, as it can cause a number of unpleasant side effects when ingested.

It is also possible that your CBD oil has been exposed to sub-optimal temperatures causing it to crystallize. This is common with a mix of CBD and lipid carrier oil (oil base) such as medium-chain triglyceride or MCT oil.

You can help the crystallized CBD bind to the lipid carrier oil by heating it back up. You can do this by boiling a pot of water and gently placing your CBD oil (sealed tightly) in the water with a pair of tongs. Be careful not to burn yourself or the bottle!


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