August 18, 2023

Why is My Bra So Uncomfortable?

Whether you call them bras, boob baskets or unmentionables, they’re essential for every woman. They’re designed to support your breasts throughout the day, sit them in their natural position and look after your health, so when you have one that’s constantly digging into your shoulders or leaving red marks on your skin it’s time to take action.

This is a classic issue caused by a bra that’s too small and can be fixed simply by sizing up. If the problem is only on the shoulder straps, loosen the band up as much as possible and if that doesn’t help then get fitted -- you may need to go up a size in the band rather than the cup.

Another common problem is that the wire digs in on the sides of your breasts. This is usually due to a bra that’s too big and the underwire is touching the top of your breast tissue. If this is a problem for you, try a smaller cup size and maybe even a demi-cup.

Finally, if the wire is digging in on the back of your neck you might have a problem with the straps, which can be positioned too high on your shoulders and rub against your neck. Try adjusting the straps to bring them closer to your neck and possibly try a softer fabric such as cotton. If this doesn’t help then you may need a new style of strap, perhaps a racerback or a halter.


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