March 19, 2023

Why Is My Battery Health Going Down So Fast?

why is my battery health going down so fast

Why Is My Battery Health Going Down So Fast?

It’s normal for your iPhone’s battery to lose a percentage point each time you charge it. But if it’s going down faster than you would expect, there are a few things to look out for.

Apps can drain your battery quickly, especially if they’re constantly running in the background. You can see which apps are eating up your power by heading to Settings > Battery and scrolling down to the Apps section.

If you’re using an app regularly and notice that it’s dragging your battery life down, it might be time to delete it or change its settings. You can also use low power mode to reduce screen brightness and limit app or connection usage to avoid battery drain.

Getting your battery health back to its optimal state is possible, but it takes a lot of care and optimization. So if you’re concerned, get in touch with us here and let’s talk about what can be done to help your phone get back on track.


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