November 19, 2023

Why Is Discover Card a Joke?

Often labeled as the class clown of credit cards, Discover Card gets teased for having fewer customers than its big-name competitors. But this shouldn’t be a laughing matter! Discover Card offers unique advantages that make it a top choice for travelers. From 0% APR introductory rates to unlimited cashback, Discover Card is not your average credit card. It’s time to get to know Discover Card and its mind-blowing benefits.

Discover Card Was Originally a Sears Credit Card

Discover Card first distinguished itself by offering features that other card issuers did not offer at the time, such as cash back and no annual fees. Over the years, Discover Card has evolved from a joke card to one that competes with Visa and MasterCard.

While Discover Card may be a favorite among consumers, it also has some serious drawbacks that have given it its reputation as a joke card. Some of these drawbacks include subpar customer service experiences, high interest rates and fees, limited acceptance worldwide, late payment penalties, and low reward points earned. These drawbacks have sparked a lot of humor and frustration among cardholders, who often wonder why they chose to carry Discover Card instead of a competing credit card.

While many people may choose to rely on Discover Card for everyday purchases, the company is working on enhancing its offerings for international travelers. In the past, Discover Card was not widely accepted in foreign markets because it wasn’t a traditional bank-issued card. However, Discover is now partnering with airlines and hotels to improve its international acceptance, making it easier for travelers to use their Discover Card while overseas.


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