December 14, 2023

Why Hot Cheetos Shouldn't Be Given to Dogs

Dogs have around 1,700 taste buds, compared to the 9,000 in humans. Hence, they are not very sensitive to different flavors. The mild spicy flavor in Hot Cheetos will not cause much harm to most dogs, but this isn’t the only reason why this snack shouldn’t be fed to pets. It has a high salt content, which if eaten in large amounts can lead to toxicity and dehydration in dogs. It also contains powdered onions and garlic, which are toxic for dogs and can result in anemia in them. Another unhealthy ingredient is maltodextrin, which is a processed item that cannot be easily digested by dogs and can lead to nutritional deficiencies in them. The glycemic index of the snack is also high, which can trigger blood-related problems like insulin resistance and diabetes.

These ingredients are particularly dangerous for dogs with certain health conditions, such as heart disease or kidney diseases. It is also unsafe for dogs who are on medications, such as Potassium Bromide, for seizures, since consuming too many Hot Cheetos can interfere with the medication’s effectiveness. Moreover, if your pet is overweight, then they should not eat these snacks, as they are high in calories and will make them gain weight. If they are given to your dog regularly, it can even kill them in the long run. Thus, keeping them away from your pet is the best way to protect them from unforeseen health complications.


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