November 19, 2023

Why Does My Mom Hate Me?

A mom's love for her kids is ideally unconditional and non-containable. However, there are moms who can become toxic and abusive to their children. This can manifest as emotional abuse and even physical abuse, and it can be hard to recognize. Red flags of toxic mothering include yelling, humiliating, isolating, beating, and other abusive behaviors.

One reason why your mother might hate you is because she's jealous of something about you. This could be your appearance, confidence, or success in life. Another possibility is that she's envious of the relationship you have with your partner or friends. It could also be that she's jealous of the life you have without her, or even a specific memory or experience from your childhood.

Sometimes mothers dislike their daughters because of something in their own past that they don't want to face. They may have a difficult marriage, a painful relationship with an ex, or a trauma from their childhood that they don't deal with. This can leave them with a bitter taste and they pass this on to their own children.

No matter what the cause of her hatred is, you deserve to have a healthy relationship with your mother. If you're trying to work through the issue with her, it can help to talk to a therapist or family counselor about how to improve your communication. They can teach you how to cope with a toxic relationship and support you in setting boundaries with your mother.


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