August 19, 2023

Why Does My Foot Skin Peel?

The feet take a beating when we're busy rushing around. They're exposed to hot pavement, cold surfaces, sand and even the sun—all things that can cause rough, itchy and peeling skin.

Some skin peeling on the feet is normal, especially when it's a result of an infection like tinea pedis or athlete's foot. In such cases, the body tries to heal the irritated area by drying and flaking the excess skin. But peeling feet can also be a sign of long-lasting, chronic skin conditions, such as dry skin or psoriasis.

Heat can also cause the skin on your feet to peel by drawing moisture away from it, particularly if you spend a lot of time in hot or humid climates or if you use heaters in your home. A condition called atopic dermatitis, commonly known as eczema, can also lead to itchy and peeling feet.

If you're experiencing itchy, scaly and peeling feet, try using a thick moisturizer containing ingredients like urea, glycolic acid or lactic acid twice a day. If your symptoms persist, talk to your doctor—he or she might suggest a steroid cream. But only use it as directed; overuse can weaken the skin, making it more susceptible to further irritation and peeling.


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