August 18, 2023

Why Does My Baby Toenail Grow Upwards?

Nails are a unique part of our body. Just like hair and skin, our nails need special care to stay healthy. When your child’s toenails grow upwards, it is important to understand why this may be occurring and how to treat it properly.

Newborn babies usually have soft, flexible toenails that are naturally thin. This means they can grow quickly and be prone to becoming ingrown. This is a big concern for parents as it can cause pain, swelling and even infection in some cases. The solution is to keep them trimmed and clean at all times, especially when wearing shoes.

Normally, the toenails will curl under as they grow. However, this isn’t uncommon for them to grow upwards instead. This can happen due to a variety of reasons including shoes pushing at the tips, profuse foot sweating and certain diseases such as onychogryphosis.

Onychogryphosis causes the hyponychium (the tissue right underneath your nail plate) to thicken and push the nails upwards. It’s a very common condition that affects the toes and most often the big toes. It’s also commonly referred to as ram’s horn or claw nails and can be the result of injury, ill-fitting shoes or a fungal infection.

Whether your child’s toenails are growing upwards because of genetics, or because they are a result of injury or a disease, it is important that you address the problem early on. The best way to prevent an ingrown nail is to soak the feet, dry them completely and trim the nails using a sharp, clean nail clipper.


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