August 19, 2023

Why Does My Baby Spit Up Clear Liquid?

Most babies spit up clear liquid from time to time. While it can be a little scary, it is usually not a reason for concern. The amount that they spit up can vary greatly; sometimes they dribble it out of their mouth, other times they may spit it up in larger amounts that soak their (or your!) clothes and require an outfit change.

They are teething: One of the most common reasons for babies to spit up is because they are teething. Their gums are sore and they produce extra saliva, which causes them to drool a lot more than normal. This drooling can cause them to spit up more than usual as well, although it is not a sign of a serious issue as long as it is clear fluid.

They have a condition called pyloric stenosis: This is a condition where the opening from their stomach to their intestines is too narrow. This means that they are unable to digest the milk properly and it comes back up into their mouth. It is something that they cannot grow out of and will need to be diagnosed by their doctor.

They are being over-fed: Babies can spit up clear liquid when they are being over-fed because the milk is sitting too long in their stomach. Try to feed them more frequently and in smaller portions, which will help reduce this. They are being obstructed: Tight clothing or diapers can put unwanted pressure on the baby’s stomach, which can lead to them spitting up. Try to burp them after each feeding and make sure that they are in a comfortable position.


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