November 19, 2023

Why Do Salons Wash Your Hair After Coloring?

Whether you’re getting highlights for hair or full permanent color, a professional salon coloring experience typically begins and ends with a shampoo. This may seem like a small detail, but there are several reasons why salons wash your hair after coloring.

Removing Excess Color

Highlights for hair and permanent hair color contain chemical products that can leave residue on the scalp and hair strands, which can cause irritation and other undesirable outcomes. Washing thoroughly removes these residues and helps ensure that only the desired color remains.

Sealing Cuticles

After shampooing, your stylist will use a product that helps to seal the cuticles and prevent your color from fading too quickly. There are a variety of different products that can be used to accomplish this goal, and your stylist will select the one that best suits your hair type and condition.

This step also allows your stylist to inspect the color and make any necessary adjustments to achieve the results you desire. If the color isn’t as vibrant as you want it to be, your stylist can reapply the dye for a more even and longer-lasting result.

Finally, washing your hair also prepares it for any other services or treatments you may be receiving during your appointment. Stylists prefer to work on clean hair, so that any products or techniques they’re using are able to penetrate the strands and provide the best results. You can help to maintain your color’s vibrancy between appointments by utilizing a dry shampoo such as Emerge Back to Life.


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