August 18, 2023

Why Do My Lungs Feel Itchy When Breathing?

If your lungs feel itchy when you breathe, it can be a sign of an underlying lung condition that needs treatment. The sensation is usually triggered by environmental triggers or by certain respiratory conditions like asthma. The itchiness can also be a side effect of some medications and can occur with or without accompanying symptoms such as wheezing, tight chest, or respiratory secretions.

The itchiness is typically described as feeling like a tickle in the chest but it can also feel like a burning sensation or even a lump in the throat. It can occur on a single occasion or may occur frequently. The sensation is usually aggravated by cold or dry air, over exhaustion, and smoking. People with sensitive throats or lungs may feel this sensation more often than others.

Some respiratory diseases such as interstitial pulmonary disease can lead to itchy lungs. The condition can cause scarring within the lungs leading to various symptoms, including itchiness and irritation. Some medications can also cause this side effect especially if the person is taking corticosteroids for a respiratory condition.

The most effective way to treat itchiness in the lungs is to visit your doctor for a diagnosis. This will help determine the condition causing it and recommend the right treatment. If the itchy lungs is a result of respiratory disease like asthma, then long-term medications to control the condition will be recommended. If the itchy lungs is caused by allergy to substances such as dust, food allergies, or chemical fumes, then avoiding the substances can help alleviate the symptoms.


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