August 18, 2023

Why Do My Feet Sweat in Crocs?

Crocs are popular shoes for warm weather that are easy to clean and provide comfort. While they are great for walking around the house or going to the beach, they can make your feet sweat if you wear them all day. The problem is that your feet have many sweat glands that are overactive, and wearing clogs can increase the amount of moisture your foot will absorb while you’re wearing them. This can lead to your shoes smelling and feeling unpleasant.

Crocs Are Made From Non-Breathing Materials

The main reason why your feet sweat in clogs is that they are not made from breathable material. They are made from Croslite resin, which is a closed-cell type of foam. While they do feature 13 holes on top of the shoe for added breathability, it is not enough to prevent your feet from sweating in clogs. The lack of breathability in crocs can also lead to odor on your feet.

They Do Not Fit Well

Another common reason why your clogs might smell is that they do not fit well. If you’re wearing a pair that is too small, this will cause them to rub against your foot and create a sweaty area. It is important to get the right size of clogs for you, and try them on before making a purchase.

While clogs can be worn all day for most activities, they are not the best option for people who are on their feet all day at work. Nurses, waiters, chefs, and other professionals who are constantly on their feet tend to favor crocs because they’re comfortable, slip-resistant, and meet most close-toed requirements for work environments.


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