November 18, 2023

Why Do Flies Rub Their Hands Together?

Flies are often seen rubbing their hands together, which might seem like a villainous gesture of them plotting to annoy you. However, this behavior serves several important purposes.

First of all, it helps clean off any bacteria that might be on their legs or “hands” (they don’t actually have hands) from interacting with surfaces they land on outside or inside your house. This is important because flies are very sensitive to germs and contamination. It also allows them to stay clean and aerodynamic so that they can fly more efficiently. Finally, it’s a way for them to communicate with other flies by creating vibrations that other flies can sense.

When you see a fly rubbing its legs together, don’t think that it is dirtying itself up or plotting to get closer to your food. This behavior is actually a self-grooming behavior that gets rid of any physical or chemical residues on their legs and hands. It also clears off any debris that could interfere with their sensors, which are crucial for them to sense smells and other environmental cues.

Another reason why flies rub their hands together is to cool down. They are very susceptible to heat and need to maintain a consistent body temperature. Rubbing their legs and “hands” together generates a lot of friction, which in turn creates a lot of heat. This heat allows them to stay warm and avoid freezing up when the weather turns cold.


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