December 16, 2023

Why Do Exercise Needs Vary Between Individuals?

In a world that stresses the importance of physical fitness and health, it is often hard to understand why one person thrives with a demanding workout routine while another struggles with even simple exercises. The truth is that everyone is unique and has specific exercise needs based on genetics, age, body composition, lifestyle, and other factors.

Individuals’ exercise needs vary because different factors affect the intensity, type, and duration of exercises that are most beneficial. These factors include personal goals, fitness levels, and body composition. For example, individuals with higher-level ambitions require more dedication than those who seek a more modest goal. Beginners are advised to start with low-intensity workouts and gradually increase intensity as they become more experienced. Likewise, those with chronic health conditions should stick with low-impact exercise to avoid injury.

Age is another important factor, as the rate of muscle growth and bone density decline with age. Exercise involving both strength and flexibility helps prevent these declines. In addition, varying workouts by changing the number of reps and alternating between high and low-intensity exercises help prevent boredom and improve overall fitness.

Lastly, the type of job impacts an individual’s exercise needs. Sedentary jobs may require more exercise outside of work to counteract the lack of movement, while those with physically demanding jobs might need a more balanced workout that includes both strength and cardiovascular training. Finally, the amount of time available for exercise is also an important consideration. A person with limited time can still get many of the benefits of regular exercise by breaking up workouts into smaller chunks throughout the day.


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