August 19, 2023

Why Do Braces Take So Long?

If your kid has crooked teeth or gaps between them, they may feel self-conscious and want braces to correct their smile. However, it's not as simple as having them put on and seeing results instantly. In fact, the treatment process takes a while because the way that teeth and bone are connected means they can't just be shifted.

During this time, the teeth are delicately guided into their new positions with reliable, small amounts of force. This is what enables them to be safely moved through the bone without damage. If the force were to be surged, it would cause bone and gum tissue to erode. This is why it's important that we follow the principles of Wolff's Law.

Another reason why it takes time is that the bone must remodel to accommodate the repositioning of teeth. This is what's known as the "tooth remodeling cycle." The crown portion of a tooth (the part that is visible in your mouth) is attached to the root portion of the tooth, which anchors into the jawbone. To change the position of a tooth, this bone tissue must also be changed to make sure that it's a safe, secure fit.

While this may sound complicated, it's actually a normal part of the body's biological process. It is what allows us to grow and develop into adulthood. For kids getting braces, this explains why they have to wait for the results to appear. In the end, though, it's a short period of time that will be worth it for their future smiles.


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