November 19, 2023

Why Do Babies Avoid Grass?

Grass is one of the most common plants we encounter in everyday life. It can be found in a variety of settings and forms, from tall, towering reeds near water bodies to small blades sprouting from between cracks in sidewalks. Regardless of the type, most people agree that it's pretty dang comfortable to walk on and that it looks quite nice, too. However, it seems that not all babies share the same sentiment and many of them seem to instinctively avoid walking on grass. As a result, videos of babies lifting their feet up before touching the green stuff have become viral and have prompted curious internet users to ask: why do babies avoid grass?

According to an article from Parents, the reason why most babies seem to be repulsed by grass isn't as bizarre and illogical as it may initially appear. It turns out that a baby's nervous system develops at an incredibly rapid rate in the first few months of their lives, which makes them especially vulnerable to new sensations and sights like grass' prickly texture or smell.

In addition, a child's skin can be sensitive to some types of grass and in extreme cases some weeds could cause severe health complications if they are ingested. All of these factors together make it no wonder that a baby's initial reaction to grass is often one of fear and caution.

Parents suggests that you try to reframe the experience of playing outside as a way of exploring nature and experiencing new textures. Instead of being discouraged by a baby's initial reaction to grass, take the time to slowly introduce it to your little one and use a blanket on the ground to help them get used to the feeling of the surface underneath their feet.


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