August 18, 2023

Why Can I Make My Vision Blurry on Command?

You can voluntarily blur your vision by relaxing the muscles within your eye that control how it adjusts its focus, a process called accommodation. It’s a useful skill for stereogram viewing and some people can do it just by staring at an object that is a little far away. The ability to consciously blur your eyesight may also be a sign of Parkinson’s disease, though it is not typically the first symptom of this nerve condition.

Blurry vision can happen when your eyes are tired or irritated and can even be a symptom of an underlying health issue like diabetes or arthritis. If you have sudden blurred vision, see an ophthalmologist for help right away. You should also get regular eye exams and report any changes in how well you see to your ophthalmologist, including any blurriness that may be a sign of something serious. We can provide comprehensive exams and treatment for all your eye care needs.


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