November 19, 2023

Why Am I So Turned Off by My Husband?

You and your husband have been married for years, but recently, something has changed. Your sexual attraction has waned, and when you think about intimacy with him, your gut is turned off by the man who once inspired your deepest desires. It’s a hard reality to face, but if you want your marriage to work, you must address it.

Unresolved Conflict

If you and your husband are arguing all the time or struggling to find common ground on important issues, it may not be surprising that your interest in sex is dwindling. Try to find a solution to the problem and rebuild your emotional connection.

Poor Hygiene

Your husband’s lack of hygiene can be an immediate turn off, particularly if it interferes with your enjoyment of intimacy. A poor body odor, bad breath, or dirty clothes can be enough to make you want to skip sex altogether. If you’ve noticed these issues, be sure to communicate them respectfully to him and explain how they affect your desire.

Broken Trust

A shattered trust can quickly trigger feelings of revulsion toward your spouse, especially when it involves infidelity. If you’ve found yourself unable to feel attracted to him after a breach of trust, counseling may be necessary to help you repair the damage and build confidence in your relationship again.


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