November 19, 2023

Why Abortion Should Be Legal

Abortion is an emotive topic that raises complex moral and ethical questions about the rights of the fetus versus those of the mother, and the role of government in regulating reproductive rights. Many people hold deeply held beliefs and values that conflict with these, making it difficult to reach a consensus.

It is also important to remember that abortion is not just a medical procedure; it is a traumatic experience that can have lasting consequences for women. They often struggle with feelings of guilt, shame, and resentment. Many find it difficult to talk about their experiences, and may have difficulty finding support services. It is important to be aware of this and offer women the help they need to cope.

Women should be allowed to choose the fate of their own bodies, including whether or not they have children. They should not be forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term or be subjected to back alley abortions that can be dangerous to their health. Women who become pregnant due to rape or incest should be allowed to terminate their pregnancies.

Legalizing abortion will solve a number of problems. It will allow young girls to access birth control and prevent unwanted pregnancies; it will give women a chance to pursue their careers and aspirations; and it will help protect them from the physical and psychological harm that can come with unwanted or unintended pregnancies. It is worth noting that most of these cases occur because of sexual assault, and the woman is not to blame. Rather than having a child that will be a constant reminder of the traumatic event and that they may not be able to provide for, women should be given the option to have an abortion.


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