December 3, 2023

Why Abortion Should Be Legal Essay

Abortion is an extremely sensitive topic that divides people into two groups; pro-choice, who believe that it is a woman’s right to make choices about her body, and anti-choice, who oppose abortion. It is a controversial topic, and you should be very careful when writing an essay on it.

Many women are raped and have unintended pregnancies. They may feel pressured by family or friends to keep the child or choose adoption, but it is a hard decision to make, especially if they’re not ready to care for a baby. Keeping the child could put them in financial hardship or leave them in abusive situations. Making abortion illegal makes it harder for these mothers to get help and support, so they have no choice but to carry the pregnancy.

Some fetuses have severe disorders and have high chances of death before or shortly after birth. Choosing to keep them would be cruel, but having an abortion is a humane way to end their life. It is also a medical procedure that is done with proper consent from the doctor, so it’s not as invasive as a lot of people think.

Legalizing abortion will also reduce cases of unwanted pregnancies. Teenage girls get pregnant easily because they’re ignorant of birth control methods or lack essential sexual education. It’s a shame that they’re forced to live with the consequences of their actions, and limiting the abortion option doesn’t help them. The best solution is to make it legal for them to seek medical assistance.


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