November 19, 2023

Who Sings This Song?

When it comes to karaoke, lyrics and melodies come in all shapes and sizes. But it’s not just the songs themselves that determine their karaoke potential; a lot of songs also have great songwriters behind them. Singers like Jessie J – who wrote Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA – and Bruno Mars (who wrote Ceelo Green’s stupidly catchy Forget You) started their music careers by writing hits for other artists. Then there are bands that write their own songs, such as Radiohead, Abba and the Lennon-McCartney powerhouse that was The Beatles.

When you ask Siri, Google or another AI assistant who sings this song, it usually uses your voice to identify the song and provide a list of the artists. But it’s sometimes possible to tell who sung the track even without singing anything. Just press and hold your Home button, say ‘Hey Siri’ or ‘Ok Google’ and say the name of the track. Then hum or sing along, and the assistant will detect your vocals and identify the song’s artist based on lyrics.

There’s a reason this song’s on every classic karaoke playlist. It’s a perfect karaoke song because it combines the high pomp of opera with gutter circumstance rock and roll in one of pop’s greatest love stories. Plus it’s a fun way to show off your singing skills, especially when you hit the climactic ‘baby!’ chant. Just don’t forget to bribe your friends.


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