April 16, 2023

Who Owns Marijuana Rx CBD?

who owns maricanna rx cbd

Who owns maricanna rx cbd

When Montel Williams started his CBD business, he put a lot of thought into what he was selling. He was committed to personally testing every batch of CBD he sold and to never send patients anything that he didn't fully vouch for.

Unfortunately, that didn't stop a scammer from taking advantage of the fact that Williams was a famous name in cannabis and that his reputation and brand were ripe for fraud. After months of research and digital connect-the-dots, Montel Williams' legal team discovered a shady businessman who was using his name to sell fake CBD.

After filing a lawsuit against Timothy Isaac in Miami, Florida, Williams and his team got a settlement in November of 2017. In the end, he was able to shut down the scam.

The settlement required that Timothy Isaac permanently refrain from using Montel Williams' name or likeness to promote any products. It also included a confidential financial settlement.

Williams says the settlement is a great step in the fight against fraud. He also hopes it will help educate others about the risks of scams and deception in the cannabis industry.

MCOA is an emerging company offering exposure to the global cannabis sector through its diverse operations in cultivation, distribution and international consumer product sectors.

MCOA’s cannabis sector operations include cDistro, one of the THC, hemp & CBD cannabis industries’ fastest growing distribution companies; wholly-owned Premium CBD company hempsmart(tm); and VBF Brands Inc., a cannabis nursery cultivation facility in California that is a cultivator and distributor utilizing its own growing systems to produce desirable cannabis clones. The Company also has ownership positions in several strategic private and publicly held cannabis companies.


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