November 19, 2023

Who Found Cameron Boyce Death First?

What Libby and Victor Boyce didn't expect was to wake up the morning of July 6 to find their otherwise healthy son, Cameron, having a seizure. It would be the first of many seizures he'd experience, and ultimately one that led to his death from Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP).

His parents have since started the Cameron Boyce Foundation to help raise awareness about SUDEP, and how to avoid it. They've also worked with celebrities like Taylor Lautner and his wife, Tayler, to create a special episode of their podcast called The Squeeze that highlights the risk factors for the disease.

But it was his costars on the Descendants series who were able to speak directly to their co-star's spirit and impact fans with their heartfelt messages. Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson and Booboo Stewart have been incredibly open about how much Cameron meant to them, and how difficult it has been since his passing on July 6.

Dove grew close to her fellow cast members during the filming of Descendants 3, in which she reprised her role as Carlos, Cruella de Vil's teenage son. She recently shared a screenshot of their group chat with Carson and Stewart, which was quickly flooded with emotional responses from fans who were mourning the loss of their friend.

Aside from starring on Disney Channel shows like Jessie and Liv and Maddie, Cameron was also involved in several indie projects including Runt and Paradise City. He had even begun to branch out from the entertainment industry, working as a philanthropist for the Thirst Project.


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