February 24, 2022

Which Types of Face Masks Are Most Effective?

You can avoid getting sick and prevent others from getting sick by wearing a face mask, but they can also be uncomfortable. Your skin may feel dry or itchy, or you may sweat more than usual. Fortunately, all CDC-approved COVID-19 face masks are designed to be both comfortable to wear for hours as well as to protect you from airborne viruses, bacteria, and allergens. These masks are made from a special material that keeps germs from getting into your nose or mouth. They come in a variety of sizes to fit any face.

The Top 5 Mask Types

COVID-19 face masks are commonly available, but some, like bandanas, face shields, and scarves are not recommended. The following are the top recommended masks.

1. The N95 masks cover more of the face and are considered superior to fabric and even medical-grade masks.

2. The KN95 mask filters out particles as small as 0.3 micrometers, below the size necessary to cause infection. It is also lightweight and easy to wear. Many enjoy the KN95, as the mask stays away from the mouth.

3. FFP2 mask filters out 94% of particles. FFP stands for "filtering face piece". The European Standard grades masks from 1 to 3, with 3 being the highest.

4. Medical-grade masks, also called surgical masks, are disposable masks made of high-quality materials that protect against bacteria and viruses. These are inexpensive and available in many colors.

5. Fabric masks, whether homemade or store-bought, can protect against some hazardous particles found in the air. Although not as reliable as other masks, it’s better than no mask at all.

How to Choose Which Mask is Best for You

The CDC recommends N95 masks. You can use N95 respirators to protect yourself against COVID-19. It should only be worn for two or three days to maintain its effectiveness. In high-risk environments, such as hospitals and classrooms, these masks can protect against this virus and other airborne diseases.

Even though the N95 mask produced by America is the most effective, fabric masks, medical-grade masks, the European FFP2 masks, and the KN95 mask produced by China also provide protection. Out of these masks, FFP2 masks and KN95 masks provide more protection than cloth masks and surgical masks. These masks are available online from medical supplies retailers.


Even though COVID-19 masks have been vilified by some media outlets, their importance cannot be overstated. COVID-19 is a deadly virus that can be spread through air droplets, coughing, or sneezing. If cases are spiking in your area or you have vulnerable loved ones, this article should help you choose the best face mask for you.

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