November 19, 2023

Which One of the Following Activities is Not an Example of Incident Coordination?

Which One of the Following Activities is Not an Example of Incident Coordination?

The incident coordination process ensures that the onsite event command system has the information, resources, and support needed to achieve the ICS management objectives. This includes conducting incident size-up, arranging for personnel and resources from the EOC or other sources, completing task assignments, and ensuring that all ICS functional areas are active and functioning properly.

This activity also involves coordinating interagency agreements, developing a physical layout for the site, providing meeting spaces, communications equipment and connectivity, and other onsite facilities and logistical details. It may also include establishing systems to check in and out personnel, vehicles and equipment, chemicals/treatments, and other assets. These are a necessity for reducing duplication of effort and maintaining appropriate asset tracking, inventory control, and fiscal responsibilities.

During an incident, coordination also involves determining and communicating the most effective command structure for managing the incident. This can be a formal structure based on the ICS model or a more decentralized approach based on the United Nations (UN) Model. Regardless of the selected model, it should be flexible enough to meet changing needs on-scene and allow for the smooth transfer of command if necessary.

ICS focuses on organizing the on-scene response into an integrated, unified command structure that can manage the complexity of multi-hazard and multiagency incidents. Its flexibility allows for a shift from a centralized approach to a more decentralized one and provides for an appropriate ratio of managers to subordinates. The ICS model is sensitive to the basic management principle of span of control, which limits the number of direct reports to a manager, and ensures that the senior responder can effectively and efficiently oversee a complex response.


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