March 19, 2023

Which of the Following Statements Regarding Psychological Health is TRUE?

which of the following statements regarding psychological health is true

Which of the following statements regarding psychological health is TRUE?

People who suffer from mental health problems can be very productive members of society and work just as hard as those with normal psychological health.

Treatment and support for people with mental health problems is available, effective, and often includes medication.

Many people who have a mental health problem can recover completely and become healthy again with help from a variety of treatments and services.

Everyone acts in deviant ways from time to time but it is difficult to draw a clear line that separates normality from abnormality because of cultural differences and the stigmatization associated with psychological illness.

Some people may be able to tell that someone else is suffering from a mental health problem because of the way they behave. They might notice unusual behavior like frequent irritability, poor sleep patterns, or other changes in their mood or attitude. However, these changes are not always a sign of a mental health problem and may be the result of underlying emotional or cognitive problems that have not yet been diagnosed by a physician. For this reason, a medical doctor or psychologist must be consulted before drawing a diagnosis of a mental health problem.


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