March 18, 2023

Which Occupation Has the Best Sex Life?

which occupation has the best sex life

Having a great sex life is important to everyone. It is also a good way to bond with your partner and have a satisfying relationship. But the circumstances and stress of your life may affect your sex.

Every profession has its own challenges, and some may not realize how much the pressure they endure influences their sexuality. This is why it is important to understand which occupation has the best sex life.

Farmers Are the Profession with the Best Sex

The UK-based sex toy company Lelo has revealed that farmers have the best sex life in a survey. The study found that farmers are more active and fit than other office professionals, resulting in a better performance in the bedroom.

Artistic People Are a Pleasure in the Bedroom

The survey said that artistic people are often open-minded, curious, and creative. These qualities make them a good sex partner.

Finance Professionals Are Regular in the Bedroom

People in the financial field must be adept at dealing with a large number of people, and their ability to juggle their personal and professional lives makes them a regular in the bedroom. They know how to make money and ensure that their clients are satisfied.

Customer Service Representatives Are a Pleasure to Work For

Employees in the customer service industry are happy to be interacting with customers all day, which makes them a pleasure to work for. Cashiers and retail sales associates aren't quite as prestigious, but they still have a good sex life.


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