March 18, 2023

Which Are the Best Lactose-Free Milk Brands?

lactose milk brands

There are many different brands of lactose-free milk. Each brand has its own unique taste and nutritional profile, so it's important to read labels carefully.

Most of the milks marketed for the lactose-intolerant use the enzyme lactase to break down lactose into glucose and galactose, which are easier to digest by the human body. These dairy-free alternatives are a great way to keep milk in your diet without dealing with digestive problems that can arise from drinking normal lactose-containing milk.

Some of these options also offer added nutrients like vitamins A and D, which may help boost your overall health. Look for these features on the ingredient list and in the nutritional label before buying any lactose-free products.

a2 Milk

a2 milk is produced by a genetic mutation that spread through dairy cows 8,000 years ago, and it uses the protein A1 to make lactose-free milk for those who have trouble digesting the sugar found in normal milk. Its lactase-free formula is less sweet than regular milk, and our testers liked its clean and fresh flavor.


Another organic dairy product producer, Horizon has a variety of lactose-free milk varieties, although it doesn't sell them in mainstream grocery stores like other organic milk manufacturers. Luckily, you can often find them at health-focused stores like Sprouts or Whole Foods.

Horizon's lactose-free milk comes in bright red cartons, making it easy to spot. However, the company has been accused of ethically questionable practices by consumer watchdog groups, so it's a good idea to look for other organic brands that are reputable and certified by organizations such as the USDA.


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