November 18, 2023

Where to Buy the Oura Ring

Where to buy oura ring

The Oura ring is a wellness smart ring that helps users improve their sleep, performance and health by analysing over 20 different body signals. It does this using infrared LED sensors, two negative thermal coefficient body temperature sensors, and a 3D accelerometer sensor. Its ability to take into account sleep, heart rate variability and activity levels is what really sets it apart. It can help users notice patterns that impact their recovery and let them know when it’s a good day to push themselves and when to scale back.

The ring is available in black, silver or gold and costs $299 for the classic style and $399 for the Heritage design. It can be purchased directly from oura’s website or from select retailers in the US, UK and Europe. The ring is comfortable to wear and fits on the index or middle finger depending on preference. It’s important to note that you need to wear it for a few weeks in order to get the most accurate data from it.

Despite being a comprehensive sleep tracker, the ring also provides basic fitness tracking and period prediction tools. It can even sync with the Natural Cycles birth control app. However, it’s not meant to replace a Fitbit or Apple Watch and won’t give you notifications. It is also not designed to track specific activities like golf or provide deep insights into marathon training. Oura also warns that if you are pregnant or have diabetes, the ring will not work properly and may not be accurate for your needs.


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