November 20, 2023

Where to Buy Salvia

We carry a wide variety of woody and perennial salvia species, many of which are native to the Southwest, Mexico, and South America. These include species such as Salvia greggii, Salvia farinacea, and Salvia microphylla. We also offer many annual salvias as well, including varieties such as Salvia nemorosa and Salvia oliva.

Most people who are interested in purchasing or growing Salvia divinorum are looking for a way to experience the psychoactive properties of this plant. Unlike other popular hallucinogenic plants, such as LSD and MDMA, Salvia is relatively safe for most individuals to take in moderate doses. However, because it is a hallucinogen, the user may encounter unpleasant side effects if they take too much or use it in conjunction with other drugs that are also strong hallucinogens.

Generally, it is best to only consume Salvia divinorum in a darkened room alone or with a small group of trusted individuals. Taking it in a public environment, such as a park, can be dangerous due to the possible reaction of others to your state of mind. The most common method of consuming Salvia is to prepare a quid which is a rolled up cylinder or ball of leaves that are chewed for about half an hour. This allows the Salvinorin A to be absorbed through the mouth mucosa and into the bloodstream.

Currently, Salvia divinorum is legal to buy and grow in several U.S states. It is important to check local laws before buying or planting the plant, as regulations are always changing. Some online businesses will ship Salvia plants and seeds, but it is recommended to check the seller’s reputation and reviews before making a purchase.


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