April 16, 2023

Where to Buy a CBD Soda

sprig cbd soda where to buy

If you're interested in trying a CBD-infused soda, there are a few places to find them. These include vape shops, which can be found on almost every high street.

A lot of these stores will stock the standard nicotine variety, but a number of them will also sell CBD e-liquids. This allows people who are looking to quit smoking tobacco to try a safer alternative.

Some shops may even carry dry herb vaporisers, which can be used to smoke cannabis oil. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of CBD in a much more direct way than a CBD tincture.

Sprouts, for example, is launching an endcap featuring CBD-infused beverages. You can find Present, a Blood-Orange and Lemon-Lime seltzer, as well as other offerings like Terrell Davis' sports drink DEFY and Oregon based coffee Altitude in select locations.

In addition to the new endcap, Sprouts will begin offering the Sprig line of CBD sodas. Available in four flavors, each contains 20 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD.

The Sprig line is distributed in 17 states and includes three zero-sugar options — Citrus Zero Sugar, Sparkling Lemon Tea Zero Sugar and Melon Zero Sugar — with no artificial sweeteners.

The cans are sleek and comply with FDA food labeling requirements and recent rules for CBD-infused products, including QR codes linked to lab reports. The company's website says the product is "made at a regulated facility that has over 50 years of beverage canning experience."


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