November 19, 2023

Where Do Flies Go at Night?

Flies can be a huge nuisance at homes and businesses. They’re attracted to garbage, rotting food and other sources of nutrition. They also love gardens for all the fruits, veggies and flowers they offer. However, they’re able to sneak into buildings and homes through open windows, doors and cracks in walls and ceilings. Once inside, they’re often found hiding in dark corners of rooms, behind curtains and under furniture cushions.

While it may seem like flies disappear when night falls, they’re just resting and preparing for the next day. Flying requires significant energy, and flies need to recharge with sleep to keep their bodies healthy.

The majority of flies are diurnal, meaning they follow a light/ dark cycle and tend to stay awake during the day. However, the flies’ Central Nervous System (CNS) requires proper sleep to function properly.

Flies are cold-blooded, so their body temperatures are the same as their surroundings. They therefore need high daytime temperatures to forage, run around and remain active. Once the sun sets, flies seek refuge under leaves and grasses, on branches or tree trunks and in general where it is cool and dark.

If you’ve ever wondered where do flies go at night, it’s important to remember that they don’t have a nest or a colony and are simply looking for a safe place to rest. The places they choose to rest are often a matter of chance, depending on weather conditions and what’s available.


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