November 18, 2023

When You See It - What's Really Going On In These Pictures?

When you see it, you'll probably find something strange, creepy or just plain hilarious hidden somewhere in these seemingly ordinary pictures. These funny photos were shared on r/whenyouseeit and imgur and are a perfect example of the when you see it meme. You'll be surprised how hard it is to spot the shit that's going on in these weird pictures.

You've probably experienced this phenomenon before without realizing it. It's called the Baader-Meinhof effect, and it happens when something you recently noticed or learned starts to appear with increased frequency. For instance, if you've just bought a new car, you might start seeing it everywhere. This is because your brain deems it important and is subconsciously looking for it.

When you see it pictures are a great way to have some fun or troll people. You might not notice anything unusual about these pictures at first glance but they'll make you freak out when you realize what's really going on in them. This article compiled by Earth Wonders features some of the best when you see it pictures on the internet.


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