January 25, 2023

When to Stop Taking CBD Before Surgery

when to stop taking cbd before surgery

CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It has been used to help relieve pain, muscle pain, and joint discomfort.

The effectiveness of CBD depends on the individual. While CBD may have some beneficial effects, there are also possible side effects. In addition, if you are planning to undergo surgery, you should be aware of the potential risks.

A doctor may recommend you not take CBD before surgery. This is because it can interfere with anesthesia.

However, many medical experts believe that CBD is safe and effective for managing pain. In addition, it can reduce nausea and numbing sensations. Also, CBD may have anti-inflammatory properties. That means it can lessen postoperative pain.

You should avoid using CBD oil and edibles two weeks before surgery. Using large doses of CBD can make you feel tired and drowsy.

If you are taking blood thinners, talk to your physician about using CBD. CBD can interact with blood-thinning medications and delay their effectiveness. Furthermore, it may also cause bleeding.

Some experts recommend abstaining from cannabis use at least a week before and a day after surgery. Additionally, some studies show that cannabis users need more anesthetics. Despite these risks, some physicians believe that a patient can safely take a few milligrams of CBD every two hours before and after surgery.

It is important to discuss this with your surgeon and medical team. They may have different recommendations depending on what treatments you are receiving.


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